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Foundya is the new home of interesting articles with the aim of making use of AI technology to essentially write the articles for us.  We hope that this exciting new technology will provide some useful and interesting articles which can be found within the article section of this website.


Our aim is to continue to get better, building up this website with useful content to suit a range of audiences.


Our aim is to harness the use of growing technology including the exciting use of AI power in writing relevant articles.


Our aim is to explore new topics not covered before and to use as much creativity and ideas as we can in articles.

  • Strawberries

    This is the first article created with the use of AI. So, let’s go with an easy topic shall we, why not tell us all about strawberries.

    We are using the OpenAI GPT-4 technology, and for this we are going to ask AI questions, so let us see what it gives us:

    Tell me about the history of strawberries?

    The history of strawberries is rich and fascinating. Strawberries belong to the genus Fragaria and are part of the Rosaceae family. These sweet and juicy fruits have been enjoyed by humans for centuries. Here's an overview of their historical journey.

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  • Forest

    Forests are expansive areas of land dominated by trees and other woody vegetation. They play a vital role in supporting the Earth's ecosystems, providing numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits.

    Characteristics of Forests:

    • Tree Cover: Forests are defined by their dense tree cover, which can vary in composition and structure based on the region and climate.
    • Biodiversity: Forests are home to an incredible diversity of plant and animal species. They provide habitat for countless organisms, from insects and birds to large mammals.

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    • Search engines
      Search Engines

      In this article we are covering some ground which is particularly relevant given the history of this website.

      Over 20 years ago this website starting out using php code, with no database in sight and using some scripts in order to create a search engine which allowed many types of people to submit their website.

      The code built went away to visit these websites and gather information using meta data and then submit these to a file which would form the basis of an early search engine.

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